About Us

Hello, We are HealthSense.

HEALTHSENSE is acclaimed to be one of the leading health and personal care brands in the country by providing quality products utilitarian to households and affordable to the common.

Health made more sense universally after a pandemic struck us. But what if we tell you, it was envisioned in 2014 by a couple who thought of mixing up technology and comfort for people to have better lives. They believe it is crucial to keep track of your well-being.

Surbhi and Yugantar Agarwal indeed share a symbiotic relationship where they could plan their long-term goals and ambitions with compassion at the age of 21. They were always conscious of their surroundings and strived to make them better with health benefiting choices. With a similar vision, they established a strong base and flourished instantly in the Silicon Valley of India, i.e. Bangalore.

Vision With Action

“Health is a priority that should always top your list no matter what”
Quotes can get us piping inspiration, but without optimal actions, it’s just a dream.

Healthsense is a vision with action which provides you with all the necessary tools to make your health a priority that you can’t deny. Thinking of your loved ones means putting their well-being first, and we want to provide you with ease taking care of them with quality products that are carefully developed and designed.

Our Story

2014 – A modest beginning

HealthSense was born with just a handful of products & 2 categories – but mindful of passion and dedication in making our home a healthy place to live in.
  • Customers gained – 14K.intelligenter of the year – Ultra-Lite (PS 126)

2015-2016 – Two steps forward

We slowly extended our reach to customers with about 11 products through 6 popular categories like Massagers, BP Monitors & Orthopaedic cushions. HealthSense also bagged some prestigious corporate clients.
  • Customers gained – 2 Lakhs
  • Our winners - Ultra-Lite (PS 126), Chef-Mate (KS 33), Soft-Spot (BC 21)
  • Reputed Corporates - World Health Organization & H&M

2017-2019 – Category growth

These years saw a substantial development in terms of turnover & almost triple the number of quality products we brought in. Thermometers & Facial Steamers were the best additions to our bouquet, which only added our brand value.
  • Customers gained – 6 Lakhs.
  • Our hotcakes – Ultra-Lite (PS 126), Heart-Mate (BP 120), Accu-Scan (TH 600)
  • Esteemed Corporates – Lenskart, Evolve Back Resorts, Indian Institute of Science

2020-2021 – Gaining strength from the pandemic

Although the pandemic shook the whole world, it failed to shake our strength, team, togetherness, & willpower. In turn, it helped us take the brand to new heights. The brand grew with about 35 products spread into 14 categories.
  • Customers gained – 8 Lakhs
  • Champions of the season – Ultra-Lite (PS 126), Chef-Mate (KS 33), Nano-Cure (FS 550) & Soft-Spot (BC 21)
  • Reputed Corporates – Hindustan Unilever, Freudenberg Group, Vivanta-By Taj, Liberty Shoes
  • Celebrity recognition – Surprising Laurette that Indian Cricket Hotstar Virat Kohli uses our kitchen scale

HealthSense has seen failures. But the bitter-sweet journey is and always will be worth it. Above all, despite all hurdles & failures faced, we are emerging to be a household name for home, personal & healthcare.

The Team

We are team-driven with immense passion and potential to make it big in the Health and Fitness industry. We have established customer-friendly products that help you go that extra mile in your fitness journey with constant support and feedback.

Our Partners

Surbhi Agrawal
Yugantar Agarwal