Benefits of steaming

Benefits of steaming

Steaming has been a part of beauty practices for ages. It is done for the whole body as well. This one is quite popular after an intense gym workout. There is also Facial Steaming where just your face is steamed. The Mayan and Egyptian Civilizations had this interesting ritual of Yoni steaming where a vagina is steamed. Relaxing and rejuvenating is the whole point of it. Here are a few benefits of steaming your face:

    • All that dirt is on your face! - Fact it is. We live in a world where pollution has become a topic that everyone reads about but no one cares enough. But if you are working, even if at home; the sweat, dirt and impurities manage to pile up on your skin. By getting steam every week, you can make sure that it cleanses off deeply.
    • Gets you smooth and supple skin - Yes, that is true. Skin types vary. Dry skin is dehydrated and needs moisture. The diet is necessary but that extra care is when you start taking conscious care of it. If hydrated well, your skin will glow even without the no-makeup look. 
    • Easy Blackhead removal - If you have ever been to a beauty parlour, it is a sure-shot process to steam before removing blackheads/whiteheads. This way it loosens up the blackheads and makes it less painful. It is advised if you have started seeing those spots on your skin, at least do a clean up every month.
    • Skin breathes- The warmth of the steam gets your blood circulating which indeed helps better skin cell rejuvenation. Your skin breathes oxygen well. Face tissues are sensitive and thin. Understand what suits it and what doesn’t. Don’t follow a herd mentality. Eventually, your skin shall thank you for taking care of it.
  • Granny’s home remedy - Not just beauty but also healthcare included here. With winters around the corner, the weekly steam routine can help you keep infections at bay. If you have a cold, cough or congestion; steaming can help you feel much better. This has been a remedy that everyone has tried at some point of their age. 

  • Ways to steam your face

    1. Take a bowl of water and boil it. Add essential oils like eucalyptus or lavender for facial steaming. For congestion reasons, get Karvol Plus Capsule and add one to the boiled water. Get a thick blanket and cover your head with it. Maintain 7-8 inches distance. You don’t want to get your skin flushed and damaged.
    2. Another easiest way is to invest in a good facial steamer. This is effortless. Just fill in some water and get a comfortable place to sit in. Plugin the steamer and get the process started. The rule of distance still applies.  


    • Apply an ice cube after the steam to tighten those pores. This is an effective practice to slow the ageing process. 
    • Moisturize. After steaming, your skin tends to absorb most of the nutrients. Thus choose a suitable moisturizer for your skin.

    Few ALERTS - 

    • Don’t take steam for more than 10 mins.
    • It is not a women-centric ritual. We all have skins that require care. Gender does not decide that. Make it a priority.
    • It does not lighten your skin tone. Your skin colour is as beautiful as it was. Don’t try changing it. Help it look happy!

    If you enjoyed reading that, go ahead and get yourself the easiest way to start steaming.

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