5 reasons to track your fitness journey

5 reasons to track your fitness journey

Everybody has a different set of requirements to stay fit. All of us want those abs we saw in a model’s poster, that yogic flexibility or most famous weight loss. And there are different ways one can achieve that. You can get into weight training, Zumba, yoga or as minimal as a 15 min walk daily. But do you track your fitness journey? If you don’t, here we are to convince you to start doing that right away.

  • What you measure is what you care about: When you care about your loved ones, you start noticing small things about them, what they like and what they don’t. But when it comes to taking care of what we like, we often miss the point. Self-love or Self-care is nothing but what you do daily. You do it because you care about your physical and mental health. Understanding that you are doing 15 minutes on the treadmill every day, noting it down becomes a checkpoint when you slowly reach up to 45 mins. 
  • Today is Good...Tomorrow can be better: All that this means is when you see yourself in the mirror today, whether you are working out or not, know that you are beautiful. Let’s say you take a mirror selfie. After 30 days of 30 mirror selfies, you notice the changes. The moment you acknowledge your growth, you become better. Better than what you were yesterday.
  • You can trust yourself with the process: Being fit is a journey and it should be sustainable. When you start measuring your weight daily or when you get your neck, thigh, calves etc measurements in intervals of 15 days, you happen to see a difference. Even an inch of progress can get you the happiness you haven’t thought of. That small dopamine kick makes you trust that you can keep progressing.
  • Track to know: Once you have a record of your weight, you know your weight-related issues. You can make slight changes in your workout or even modify the kind of exercise. 
  • The human mind needs proof: You can be all words but until you show results, it doesn’t make enough sense. Your commitments should showcase actions and actions need constant feedback of exactly what process you are going through. 

Pro tip- Do weigh yourself every morning before having your breakfast.

Convinced enough?!! Start today...Start now!

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