HealthSense Glass-Top PS 117 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

HealthSense Glass-Top PS 117 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

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ANTI SKID DESIGN: Vinyl, grey blocked platform with curved edges for added safety. Skid proof feet provides added stability & rollover protection. Large self-lit LCD with room temperature display.

FOR MOST ACCURATE RESULTS: Place scale on hard, flat surface. Initialize by pressing one foot on scale to see random numbers on screen. Remove foot as it returns to zero (0.0). Now weigh yourself.

WEIGHT VARIATIONS: Early morning empty stomach is best for accurate results. Always ignore first reading for calibration & initialize each time scale is moved.

MADE FOR INDIA: HealthSense is registered Indian Brand aiming to bring quality innovative products. This product is idealised & conceptualised for Indians & manufactured by exclusive overseas partners.

SERVICE & WARRANTY: 1 year HealthSense India offsite service warranty on manufacturing defects ensures on time customer support. For any support, mail us at:


We are all aware that nutrition is an important part of maintaining a healthy body weight. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is vital for overall health which can help prevent and control many diseases. It is a strong belief of wellness experts that “the more often you weigh yourself, the healthier you be”.  The basic thumb rule for accomplishment of a healthy weight is weighing yourself regularly in order to keep track of the losses and gains. An accurate and reliable personal bathroom scale can prove to be your best buddy in reaching your goal.


As we, HealthSense care for your health – we HealthSense proudly brings to you “GLASS-TOP” personal scale PS-117 which is your ideal partner in regular tracking of weight. Its efficiency in giving the most accurate readings helps you know the smallest of losses and gains in your weight to develop healthier eating habits. Glass-Top is loaded with the best of features which makes it user friendly.


  • Design: Glass-Top splashes a grey blocked vinyl anti-skid platform symmetrically designed on a jet black glass base with curved edges for added safety. The scale rests on four skid proof rubber feet featuring an ultra-thin 6mm glass with an overall thickness of 23mm.
  • Display: A large 50x35mm LCD screen is illuminated by a cool black light with bright digits for easy reading.
  • Weighing Technology and Sensors: Four high precision ‘G’ sensors provide consistent and accurate readings for weights up to 180kgs. Sense-on Technology allows you to activate and auto-calibrate the scale instantly.
  • Units & Weight range: Glass-Top can measure weights between 3-180kgs, 6.6-396lb and 0.47-28.8st. You may also opt to smartly choose between units kg, lb. or st. of your choice, using the unit button
  • Graduation: With a graduation increment of ±100g/0.2lb/0.01st, you will be able to track the smallest of gains and losses in weight management.
  • ERR & Low battery indicators: Apart from the pack of features, it has ERR indicator to show any error while taking a weight reading and LO indicator to show the diminishing battery levels, although it comes handy with 2 AAA batteries for immediate use.


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